Smugglers Belt 32mm

Smugglers Belt 32mm

Safely carry your valuables in your belt. As long as you keep your pants on, your money will be safe. 

Please note sizes over 40” will have an outer (roo) with a join in the middle.

These belts are not held in stock and are made to order.

  • Leather

    Outer: Chrome-Tanned Kangaroo (Australia).

    Lining (stiffener): Vegetable Tanned cowhide natural (Argentina).

    Billets (ends): Veg-tanned cowhide (Italy).

  • Buckle

    Buckle Options: Cast Solid Brass or Cast Brushed Nickel

  • Zipper

    YKK Nylon, double pull tabs.


    Carry a lazy couple of hundred bucks- for emergencies, or travel with a few grand.This Belt is made to last. Customers report 15-20 years. Due to its unique design, the capacity is maximised, but at 32mm width will still fit through suit belt loops. High quality YKK zipper (non metal), with double pulls. Kangaroo leather (worlds strongest leather) is used for the outer, a vegetable tanned cowhide liner (natural) and closed with Tuscan tanned veg tanned end billets. Fantastic design.