In choosing an appropriate leather to make belts, one has many choices.

Considerations include. Quality, Comfort, Durability and Price

I have chosen Cowhide, Vegetable Tanned Thickness of 3.5-4.0mm

Pre coloured leather is predominantly sourced from Tuscany Italy. Natural (undyed) skins have been sourced from Argentina or the US. To achieve certain colours, these leathers are used and hand dyed in-house with analine dyes (eg Red).

All belts have bevelled edges (rounded edges). This adds to comfort, neatness and durability.

The belts are finished in a Lacquer Bath, which seals the edges, and enhances durability.

Vegetable tanning provides a leather that is low stretch and firm. The leather will mould to your shape. Its nature enables the achievement of a good edge, the fibres kind of sit down and don’t fluff up. The leather ages gracefully, it will reflect the ups and downs of life.

The proof is in the patina.​