A timeless design which has appeared in many cultures around the world, among them - a Mexican Saddle Stool, a Swedish Milking Stool. You will love its shape and versatility. The leather will take a couple of months to soften up.

The stool features a removable top and fold-up legs. A versatile, take anywhere camp seat, office seat, or around dining table. Will improve with age. Made to last with heavy stitching.  Yer kids will be arguing for this, when you drop off the perch.

  • Timber

    Tasmanian Oak Dowels 32mm, Heavy duty connector (10mm bolts)

  • Leather

    Options 1: 

    Tan, Saddlery skins (USA) 4.5mm-5.0mm

    Natural, Saddlery skins (USA) 4.5mm-5.0mm

    Options 2:

    Antique Brown, Buffalo (India) 3.5mm-3.8mm

    Dark Chocolate, Black (Italy) 3.5mm-3.8mm